Mythril Ingot
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Amethyst Bracelets, Amethyst Choker, Amethyst Earrings, Amethyst Ring, Aquamarine Bracelets, Aquamarine Choker, Aquamarine Earrings, Aquamarine Ring, Felt Cavalier's Hat, Felt Kecks, Garnet Bracelets, Garnet Choker, Garnet Earrings, Garnet Grinding Wheel, Garnet Ring, Goshenite Bracelets, Goshenite Choker, Goshenite Earrings, Goshenite Ring, Heliodor Bracelets, Heliodor Choker, Heliodor Earrings, Heliodor Ring, Mythril Arrow, Mythril Awl, Mythril Barbut, Mythril Bhuj, Mythril Cavalry Bow, Mythril Choker, Mythril Circlet, Mythril Claw Hammer, Mythril Claws, Mythril Culinary Knife, Mythril Earrings, Mythril File, Mythril Gig, Mythril Gorget, Mythril Hatchet, Mythril Head Knife, Mythril Knife, Mythril Lance, Mythril Magnifiers, Mythril Mortar, Mythril Needle, Mythril Ornamental Hammer, Mythril Plate, Mythril-plated Jackboots, Mythril Pliers, Mythril Ring, Mythril Rings, Mythril Rivets, Mythril Saw, Mythril Scythe, Mythril Sledgehammer, Mythril Spectacles, Mythril Wristlets, Oak Longbow, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Choker, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Ring, Peisteskin Harness, Peisteskin Hunting Belt, Peisteskin Subligar, Peridot Bracelets, Peridot Choker, Peridot Earrings, Peridot Ring, Plumed Mythril Pickaxe, Raptorskin Pot Helm, Rosewood Fishing Rod, Spiked Mythril Labrys, Vintage Chef's Belt, Wolf Earrings, Woolen Halfgloves, Woolen Robe
Buy: - (sell: 410 gil)
Craft: ARM/BSM/GSM 32 - Fire Shard x3, Mythril Ore x3
ARM/BSM/GSM 32 x3 - Fire Shard x9, Electrum Ingot x8
Type: Unrefined Metal, Stack: 99
Description: An ingot of smelted mythril.

Category: Item

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