ムーンストーン [moonstone] in Japanese.



Buy: - (sell: 1,000 gil)
Treasure: 10-3: Expedition Force
Use: Rune Blade
Type: Weapon Material, Rarity: ★★★, Stack: ?

Final Fantasy IX


Stats: -
Equip: all
Abilities: Shell, Beast Killer
Buy: - (sell: 1 gil)
Obtain: give Jabberwock an Emerald, buy in a package of goodies from Stiltzkin in Alexandria on disc 4, impress 100 nobles in sword fight during I Want to Be Your Canary, insert Blue Stone, Red Stone, Yellow Stone and Green Stone into shrine on Conde Petie Mountain Path
Use: Pearl Rouge, give to Feather Circle
Description: Restores HP. It cannot be used in the field. Equip as an Add-on
Type: Accessory / Item

Revenant Wings

Buy: - (sell: 2,815 gil)
Shop: -
Use: Galatyn, Nirvana, Zeus Mace
Obtain: Dalmascan Treasure (harvest 67%)
Description: Gemstone traditionally feared to bring misfortune. Said to open the gateway to another world.
Other: low-grade Rare Gemstone



Obtain: Thursday weekday quest
Use: various gems are required for high-level EX Alchemy
Type: Gem, Rarity: ★★★★
Description: Material for EX Fusion and EX Alchemy synthesization

Category: Item

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