Mitten Crab

ミトンクラブ [mitten crab] in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Item Level: 34, Rarity: Grey
Buy: - (sell: 9-10 gil)
Gather: Fishing / Rivers, size ? ilms
Fishing bait: Mythril Spoon Lure, Caddisfly Larva, Rainbow Spoon Lure, Silver Spoon Lure, Spinnerbait, Stem Borer, Streamer, Syrphid Basket, Topwater Frog
Fishing locations: Eastern La Noscea (East Agelyss River lv40, Hidden Falls lv35, Raincatcher Gully lv40, Red Mantis Falls lv45), Central Shroud (Everschade lv30), Eastern Thanalan (Yugr'am River lv30), South Shroud (Upper Hathoeva River lv20, Middle Hathoeva River lv30, Rootslake lv35, Urth's Gift lv45), Upper La Noscea (North Bronze Lake lv35), North Shroud (Proud Creek lv40), Mor Dhona (Deep Tangle lv45)
Use: GC provisioning quests
Desynthesis results: Fine Sand x0-1, Water Shard x1-2, Clear Demimateria II x0-1
Type: Seafood, Stack: 99, Unique: No, Untradeable: No, Desynthesis: CUL
Description: The claws of this freshwater crustacean are covered in myriad tiny bristles which provide the illusion that the crab is wearing mittens.

Category: Item

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