Memory of Memoria

This page handles all the 'memory of' type items from Pictlogica. These types of items are used to create Memoria. The name of each item is the format 'Memory of (name)' ((name)の記憶 [(name) no kioku] in Japanese).
There are two different variations of the Memory orb, red for female Memoria and blue for male Memoria. Each type has been listed in a separate table below, in the order they were added to the game. All Memory orbs are 5★ rarity.

To synthesize a Memory into an actual Memoria, several ingredients are needed. For most of the below, the materials are Crystallized Memories, but several require other materials instead. Please refer to the individual character pages.

Female Memoria

item_memoryofmemoriaf_ffp.png item_memoryofvanille_ffp.png item_memoryoflightning_ffp.png item_memoryoflenna_ffp.png item_memoryofyuna_ffp.png item_memoryofrinoa_ffp.png item_memoryofashe_ffp.png
Memory of
Memoria ♀
Memory of Vanille Memory of Lightning Memory of Lenna Memory of Yuna Memory of Rinoa Memory of Ashe
メモリアの記憶♀ ヴァニラの記憶 ライトニングの記憶 レナの記憶 ユウナの記憶 リノアの記憶 アーシェの記憶
The Lightsea of Memories Dimensional Rift: Vanille's Feelings Dimensional Rift: Lightning Returns! Dimensional Rift: With the Crystal Dimensional Rift: Yuna's Sending Dimensional Rift: The Girl of the Resistance Dimensional Rift: Mob Hunt
Vanille, Lightning (FF13LR), Yuna (FF10), Lenna, Rinoa, Ashe or Garnet Vanille Lightning Lenna Yuna (FF10) Rinoa Ashe
item_memoryofecho_ffp.png item_memoryofsarah_ffp.png
Memory of Echo Memory of Sarah
エコーの記憶 セーラの記憶
Palamitia Report Palamitia Report
Echo Sarah

Male Memoria

item_memoryofmemoriam_ffp.png item_memoryofbartz_ffp.png item_memoryoflocke_ffp.png item_memoryofvincent_ffp.png item_memoryoftyro_ffp.png
Memory of Memoria ♂ Memory of Bartz Memory of Locke Memory of Vincent Memory of Tyro
メモリアの記憶♂ バッツの記憶 ロックの記憶 ヴィンセントの記憶 デシの記憶
The Lightsea of Memories Dimensional Rift: With the Crystal Dimensional Rift: In Search of Friends Dimensional Rift: The Coffin of Shinra Manor Memory of Great Tales
Locke, Thancred, Vincent, Ramza, Cecil (PLD), Luneth or Ingus Bartz Locke Vincent Tyro

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