マラカイト [malachite] in Japanese.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 855 gil (sell: 427 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 6 onwards and when you've obtained more than 100 materials
Use: Rune Blade, Vesper Pole, Wavefront
Obtain: Fane of Tehp Qul Summoning Melee (harvest 22%), Harmony in Discord (reward 75% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 22%), Oghu Summoning Melee (harvest 22%)
Description: Green gemstone imbued with the eternal breath of the phoenix
Other: mid-grade Green Gemstone

Final Fantasy XIV


Buy: - (sell: 600 gil)
Craft GSM 15 - Wind Shard x2, Raw Malachite
Use: Brass Circlet (Malachite), Malachite Bracelets, Malachite Choker, Malachite Earrings, Malachite Ring
Type: Gemstone, Stack: 99
Description: A green jewel.

Category: Item

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