Magic Lamp

魔法のランプ [mahou no lamp] or 'magic lamp' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy V

Buy: - (Sell: 5,000 gil)
Obtain: in the northwest corner of world map 3 go down the waterfall as far as you can
Other: summons one summon spirit to help you in battle
Other: can only summon each spirit once. Can be recharged in the white pond in Great Sea Trench

Final Fantasy VIII

Obtain: From Cid Kramer when you leave Balamb for Deling city
Use: using it will place you in battle with Diabolos, beat him to gain access to the GF
Description: ?

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 1,753 gil)
Use: Firefly
Use: Mallicant
Steal: Helvinek, Ixion
Poach: Mallicant
Description: A thin wisp of smoke rises from the mouth of this golden lamp. Once used to entrap the souls of demons, bound into service upon their release.
Other: as 'Magick Lamp'

Category: Item

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