Magic Key

魔法の鍵 [mahou no kagi] or 'magic key' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III


Buy: 100 gil (sell: 50 gil)
Shop: Gysahl
Obtain: from dwarf in Dwarven Hollow after defeating Salamander
Treasure: Gysahl, Molten Cave
Type: Consumable
Effect: opens a locked door, is consumed upon use
Other: note that having a Thief in the party will automatically open locked doors without need for these

Brave Exvius


Obtain: events, buy for Lapis from the in-game shop
Craft: Temperite x3, Scream Root x3, 0 gil, 0 seconds
Use: open locked chests in dungeons
Type: Item / Key, Number: 050
Description: A magical key that opens treasure chests
Profile: A mysterious key that can open sealed treasure chests. There are treasure chests sealed with strong magic scattered about the world, and they can't ever be opened with mere physical strength. However, using this key counterbalances the magic in the chest, and the seal can be broken. It is a dreamy item, but once used it loses its strength and becomes just a regular key.

Category: Item

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