Lunar Curtain

Casts Reflect on the target and lowers physical damage received. 月のカーテン / つきのカーテン [tsuki no curtain] or 'Curtain of Moon' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Drop: Black Dragon, Scarmiglione, Yellow Dragon

Final Fantasy IV

Buy: - (Sell: 1,000 gil)

Final Fantasy VII


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drop: Foulander, Unknown 2
Effect: casts Magic Barrier on all party members

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Magic dmg taken -50%, 5 min
Buy: - (sell: 573 gil)
Craft: ALC 54 - Lightning Crystal, Water Crystal, Deaspected Cluster
ALC 54 x4 - Lightning Crystal x4, Water Crystal x4, Deaspected Cluster x4
Type: Panacea, Stack: 99
Description: Unaspected crystals ground into a fine powder that when cast in the air, form a magical barrier by means of absorbing free-roaming aetherial particles and concentrating them in a single point.

Category: Item

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