レオ [leo] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Obtain: find in the left room of the left tower in Alexandria Castle
Use: hand over to Queen Stella
Type: Key Item (Stellazzio)
Description: One of the many Stellazzio in the world. Leo was waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. Then Cancer showed up, and they began to fight. Into the ocean they fell.

Final Fantasy Tactics


Obtain: defeat Hashmal at the Airship Graveyard
Type: Artefact (Zodiac Stone)
Description: One of the twelve legendary Zodiac Stones. This particular stone bears the symbol of the Lion, and was acquired after defeating Lord Folmarv of the Knights Templar.
Other: note that you can never actually see this item in your inventory as it's obtained past the point of no return in the final dungeon where you can't view the Chronicle screen where artefacts are listed

Category: Item

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