Lapis Lazuli

ラピスラズリ [lapis lazuli] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX


Stats: -
Equip: all
Abilities: Accuracy+, Ability Up
Buy: - (sell: 1 gil)
Synthesize: Ore, Dead Pepper, 400 gil (Black Mage Village Black Cat synthesis shop (disc 4), Memoria Hades' synthesis shop)
Treasure: Alexandria castle yard (disc 3), Lindblum theater district atelier (disc 3)
Obtain: give Feather Circle a Moonstone, dig up 41 with Dead Pepper in north-west of Seatence Ice Field
Use: give to Garuda
Description: Restores HP. It cannot be used in the field. Equip as an Add-on
Type: Accessory / Item

Revenant Wings

Buy: 2,250 gil (sell: 1,125 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 6 onwards
Use: Ice Lance, Pressurizer, Rigel, Rime Wand, Silver Staff
Obtain: mission 5-2 (harvest 67%), 6-1 (harvest 67%), Zwaua Rainwood Monster Melee (harvest 67%), A Savory Task (harvest 67%), Rumble in the Jungle (harvest 67%), Ymir Qul Range Sky Pirate Melee (harvest 67%), Illusion's Home Monster Melee (harvest 67%)
Description: Blue gemstone loved by a moon goddess. Wards off nightmares.
Other: low-grade Blue Gemstone

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: find the red flan at Sunleth Waterscape (400 AF)
Description: In the future, Fang and I are called the 'daughters of the goddess,' right? It's kind of embarrassing, to be honest. When they say goddess, I guess they mean Etro. I remember her. When Fang and I first tried to hold up Cocoon, we felt this…kindly strength, surrounding us. It was the same feeling as back when I first turned to crystal. I bet Fang doesn't remember it as well as me, but I think maybe it was the goddess we felt. Although the priests back home always made her out to be much scarier than that. So maybe I'm wrong?

Final Fantasy XIV


Buy: - (sell: 600 gil)
Craft GSM 15 - Wind Shard x2, Raw Lapis Lazuli
Use: Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli), Brass Circlet (Lapis Lazuli), Lapis Lazuli Bracelets, Lapis Lazuli Choker, Lapis Lazuli Earrings, Lapis Lazuli Ring
Type: Gemstone, Stack: 99
Description: A blue jewel.

4 Heroes of Light


Buy: - (sell: 250 gil)
Drop: various (eg Buffohelm, Garm, Huginn)
Obtain: use various Merchant abilities
Use: enhance Crowns or equipment
Description: A gem dropped by monsters, infused with truly miraculous power.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: -)
Use: pull from the gacha, buy items from the in-game shop, expand inventories, recover stamina, use Continue in fights, etc
Obtain: buy for real money, log-in bonus, reward from the Coliseum, level up your player rank, clear stages, etc
Type: Currency, Number: -
Description: -
Profile: -
Other: unlike the other items on this page, this is simply called Lapis (ラピス [lapis] in Japanese), but is included in this page due to some Lapis Lazuli being translated as Lapis in the official English versions of the game. Note whoever, that unlike those Lapis, this is in fact a different item from Lapis Lazuli for real

Category: Item

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