Items of Ring of Fates

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Regular Items





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Abyss Killer
Aeolian Bow
Ancient Staff
Ancient Sword
Angel's Bow
Angel's Spoon
Angel's Staff
Bastard Sword
Blizzard Edge
Blizzard Staff
Bravery Bow
Brave Sword
Bronze Sword
Candy Cane
Chaos Bow
Chaos Staff
Chilled Ladle
Colossus Blade
Crystal Bow
Crystal Ladle
Crystal Rod
Crystal Sword
Dark Blade
Dark Bow
Dark Spoon
Dark Staff
Death Staff
Demon's Spoon
Doom Cannon
Earth Staff
Eden's Bow
Eden's Spoon
Elfin Bow
Exorcist's Bow
Fallen Angel Bow
Feather Saber
Fire Edge
Fire Staff
Flame Bow
Frost Bow
Golden Hatchet
Golden Mace
Golden Staff
Hell's Spoon
Hero's Bow
Holy Staff
Hunter's Bow
Ice Brand
Ice Staff
Iron Bow
Iron Ladle
Iron Mace
Iron Sword
Jester's Spoon
Judgement Staff
Killer Bow
King's Spoon
Kitty Staff
Ladle of Ladles
Legendary Sword
Light Blade
Light Staff
Longinus's Spoon
Lovely Spoon
Magical Hammer
Magic Wand
Meteor Mace
Moon Staff
Mythril Bow
Mythril Ladle
Mythril Rod
Mythril Sword
Novice's Weapon
Oak Mallet
Oak Staff
Power Staff
Ranger's Bow
Rune Rod
Rune Saber
Rune Spoon
Sage's Staff
Short Bow
Silver Bow
Silver Ladle
Silver Mace
Staff of Skills
Stardust Staff
Steel Ladle
Striped Rod
Sun Mace
Sun Staff
Surprise Hammer
Svarog's Bow
Svarog's Staff
Thunder Hatchet
Thunder Mace
Toy Hammer
War Bow
Wolf's Bow
Wooden Bow
Wooden Hammer
Wooden Staff
Yew Bow
Yew Hammer
Yew Staff
Yoichi's Bow


Academic Armor
Ahriman Mask
Alchemist Outfit
Army Helmet
Army Uniform
Bandit Bandana
Bandit Clothes
Blackbeard Garb
Blackbeard Hat
Black Cat Hood
Black Fur Robe
Black Knight Helm
Black Knight Plate
Black Mage Hood
Black Mage Robe
Blue Bard Garb
Blue Cap
Blue Clothes
Blue Cone Hat
Blue Hat
Blue Magic Hat
Blue Novice Habit
Blue Outfit
Blue Robe
Bomb Mask
Bronze Armor
Bronze Corselet
Bronze Helm
Bronze Sallet
Caravan Clothes
Cleric's Hood
Cleric's Robe
Creature Head
Creature Suit
Crook's Clothes
Crook's Kerchief
Cursed Mask
Daredevil Mask
Dark Harness
Dark Sallet
Demon Hat
Demon Robe
Dragon Harness
Dragon Sallet
Dragoon Harness
Dragoon Sallet
Earth Robe
Fauna Sallet
Fiend's Harness
Fiend's Sallet
Fighting Gear
Flame Harness
Flame Sallet
Flower Barrettes
Frog Costume
Frog Hood
Frost Armor
Frost Helm
Frost Plate
Frost Visor
Giant's Harness
Giant's Sallet
Gray Cat Hood
Gray Fur Coat
Green Bard Garb
Green Cap
Green Clothes
Green Hat
Hard Hat
Hero Mask
Iron Armor
Iron Casque
Iron Helm
Iron Plate
Kid's Clothes
Knight Armor
Knight Helm
Knight Plate
Knight Visor
Lamia Hairclip
Layle's Jacket
Legioner Harness
Legioner Sallet
Lord's Helm
Lord's Plate
Maid Outfit
Maid's Headband
Martial Arts Gi
Monarch's Robe
Mythril Armor
Mythril Casque
Mythril Helm
Mythril Plate
Navy Cap
Navy Uniform
New You Wig
Ninja Getup
Ninja Headgear
Novice's Cuirass
Novice's Harness
Novice's Sallet
Novice's Skullcap
Orange Cone Hat
Orange Magic Hat
Orange Outfit
Orange Robe
Paladin Armor
Paladin Helm
Pastel Cat Hood
Pastel Fur Coat
Pink Magic Hat
Pink Robe
Pirate Hat
Pirate Outfit
Princess's Tiara
Purple Magic Hat
Purple Robe
Queen's Diadem
Red Bard Garb
Red Cap
Red Clothes
Red Hat
Red Novice Habit
Sage's Hat
Sage's Robe
Sailor Outfit
Shogun Harness
Shogun Sallet
Silver Armor
Silver Corslet
Siren Hairclip
Skull Mask
Star Barrettes
Stealth Getup
Stealth Headgear
Striped Doo-Rag
Striped Kerchief
Svarog's Harness
Svarog's Sallet
Toad Costume
Toad Hood
Travel Clothes
Victory Clothes
Warrior Harness
Warrior Sallet
White Mage Hood
White Mage Robe
Wild Child Garb
Wizard Hat
Wizard Robe
Wyvern Harness
Wyvern Sallet
Yellow Cone Hat
Yellow Magic Hat
Yellow Outfit
Yellow Robe


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