Items of Lightning Returns


Healing Items


Key Items

Bandit's Bloodseal
Bhakti's Oil
Boss's Note
Chocobo Girl's Phone Number
Civet Musk
Crest of Etro
Crimm Mushroom
Death Game Ticket
Desert Flame
Father's Letter
Forest Fertilizer
Fragment of Courage
Fragment of Kindness
Fragment of Mischief
Fragment of Radiance
Goddess Glyphs
Gordon Gourmet's Recipe
Green Carbuncle Doll
ID Card
Lackley's Ring
Lapis Lazuli
Mandragora Root
Music Satchel
Niblet-Defeater Emblem
Oath of the Merchants' Guild
Patron's Personal Guard Notes
Phantom Rose
Pilgrim's Crux
Power Booster
Proof of Legendary Title
Prophecy of Aspiration
Prophecy of Rebirth
Prophecy of the Future
Quill Pen
Rocky Crag Mole
Saint's Crux
Seedhunter Membership Card
Service Entrance Key
Shaolong Gui Shell
Sneaking-In Special Ticket
Soul Seed
Spectral Elixir
Starlit Spice
Statue Fragment
Steak a la Civet
Study of the Savage
Supply Sphere Password
Talbot's Gratitude
Thunderclap Cap
Violet Amulet

Bestiary Notes



Amazon Warrior
Art of War
Astral Lord
Black Mage
Black Rose
Blue Mage
Bold Vanguard
Candy Raver
Carnaval Crusher
Celestial Body
Champagne Gold
Cold Rebellion
Crimson Bloom
Cyber Jumpsuit
Dangerous Blossom
Danse Macabre
Dark Knight
Dark Muse
Dark Orchid
Dark Samurai
Déjà Vu
Dragon's Blood
Dust and Shadow
Flower of Battle
Guardian Corps
Helter Skelter
Hidden Justice
Hunter of the Wild
Icy White
Knight of Etro
La Fouldre
L'ange Noir
Loyal Servant
Martial Monk
Midgar's Flower Girl
Midnight Mauve
Miqo'te Dress
Mist Wizard
Moogle Queen
Pallas Athena
Passion Rouge
Purple Lightning
Quiet Guardian
Red Mage
Rhapsody in Rose
Sacred Knight
Sand Fox
School's Out
Shadow Trooper
Shining Prince
Sohei Savior
SOLDIER 1st Class
Soldier of Peace
Sphere Hunter
Spira's Summoner
Splendid Admiral
Stone and Sand
Sun and Bloom
Tomb Raider
Urban Outlaw
Velvet Bouncer
Violet Twilight
Watery Chorus
White Mage
Witching Hour
Woodland Walker




Head Accessories

Angel's Halo
Angel's Headband
Armor Plate
Avowed Necklace
Bandit Scarf
Beast Mane
Charging Chaplet
Coldflame Droplet
Commander's Plume
Corsair Scarf
Corundum Pin
Crippling Hood
Crystal Matinee Necklace
Cursed Band
Demon Earrings
Demon Mane
Deranged Headdress
Destructive Headdress
Determined Tiara
Devil Crest
Devil Earrings
Devil's Rosary
Diamond Matinee Necklace
Djinn's Crest
Dragoon Scarf
Dreamdragon Scale
Duelist's Earrings
Early-blooming Corsage
Eye of the Storm
Face of the Mage's Nemesis
Face of the Warrior's Nemesis
Falcon Charm
Falcon Ornament
Fencer's Earrings
Fighter's Emblem
Fireseal Jewel
Firesup Malcreous
Flamebane Choker
Flameshield Choker
Frostbane Choker
Frostseal Jewel
Frostshield Choker
Frostsup Malcreous
Fuzzy Wool Shawl
General's Tie
Ghostly Crown
Ghostly Hood
Guard's Cravat
Guts Headband
Highwind Charm
Icy Inferno
Ill Will Band
Imperial Guard's Cravat
Imp's Crest
Irondragon Scale
Locket Necklace
Locket Pendant
Mage Hunter's Mask
Mage's Turban
Magician's Token
Mystic Veil
Mythical Scale
Mythril Brooch
Orichalc Matinee Necklace
Pirate Scarf
Platinum Barrette
Preta Crown
Preta Hood
Promised Necklace
Rakshasa Ring
Samurai's Comb
Sapping Hood
Satin Scrunchie
Shaman's Turban
Sight's Circlet
Silk Scarf
Silver Barrette
Skeleton's Earrings
Sky Pirate's Scarf
Soldier's Tie
Sorcerer's Token
Soul of Minwu
Soul of Thamasa
Sparkbane Choker
Sparkseal Jewel
Sparkshield Choker
Sparksup Malcreous
Sparrow Comb
Spiritual Veil
Stormbane Choker
Stormseal Jewel
Stormshield Choker
Stormsup Malcreous
Strahl Charm
Swift Ornament
Thunderstorm Droplet
Tiger's Emblem
Toasty Shawl
Tri-point Coronet
Tri-point Crown
Twist Headband
Tycoon's Comb
Vajra Pin
Warrior Hunter's Mask
Warrior's Emblem
Warrior's Headband
Warrior's Plume
Wild Crest
Witch's Rosary
Wolf's Emblem
Zirconia Brooch

Arm Accessories


Adamantoise Shell
Adult Bunny Ears
Aerial Guard's Badge
Afro & Black Chick
Afro & Blue Chick
Afro & Purple Chick
Afro & Red Chick
Afro & White Chick
Afro & Yellow Chick
Angelic Glasses
Aqua Ribbon
Balmy Shades
Behemoth Crest
Black Cat Ears
Black Chocobo Chick
Black Chocobo Figurine
Black Mage's Hood
Black-rimmed Glasses
Black Tattoo
Blue Chocobo Chick
Blue Chocobo Figurine
Blue Flower
Blue Guitar
Blue Mage's Chapeau
Blue Newsboy Cap
Blue Propeller
Boater Hat
Bow of Aestheticism
Brass Gear
Brave Circlet
Brigand's Tricorne
Bronze Medal
Bubbly Party Hat
Bushy Mustache
Business Eyewear
Canned PuPu Logo
Canned Sheep Logo
Cactuar Figurine
Carbuncle Figurine
Carnival Mask
Caution Beacon
Cautious Devil Ears
Celebrity's Charm
Ceremonial Headdress
Chef's Hat
Chocobo Chick
Chocobo Feather Pin
Chocobo Figurine
Chocobo Girl's Cap
Cie'th Wings
City Shades
Commissioned Pilot's Badge
Cool Glasses
Cowboy Hat
Craftsman's Beard
Crest of Etro
Crest of Pulse
Crimson Flower
Crimson Mask
Crown of Light
Crown of Passion
Crown of Purity
Crown of Splendor
Crown of Youth
Crystal Apple
Crystal Feather
Crystal Heart
Crystal Petal
Crystal Rose
Crystal Star
Crystal Tear
Cute Bunny Ears
Cute Cactuar Figurine
Cute Heart
Cyber Scanners
Dajh's Patch
Dandy's Mustache
Dapper Hat
Dark Devil Ears
Dark Knight's Shades
Dazzling Devil Ears
Deathless Mask
Delicious Mushroom
Dogtooth Beret
Dragon Hide Backpack
Dreamy Shades
Dull Grudge Knife
Dusk Feather Pin
Egotist's Banner
Electric Guitar
Elegant Shades
Emergency Beacon
Enticing Bunny Ears
Exotic Shades
Fairy Tail
Festive Tree
Floppy Sun Hat
Flower Pattern
Fluffy Tail
Formal Silk Hat
Fragment Crystal
Frost Tree
Frosty Glasses
Frying Pan
Fuzzy Sheep Figurine
Gadot's Black Emblem
Gadot's Blue Emblem
Gadot's Red Emblem
Gentleman's Beard
Girlish Glasses
Glam Hat
Gold Anchor
Gold Chocobo Figurine
Golden Flower
Golden Insignia
Golden Mask
Gold Medal
Gold Padlock
Gold Windup Key
Green Glasses
Green NORA Symbol
Green Straw Hat
Guardian Corps Badge
Guard's Cap
Heart Glasses
Heaven's Banner
Herald's Banner
Hermit's Cap
Herringbone Beret
Holy Circlet
Honored Circlet
Hotblooded Tricorne
Imp Tail
Killer Shades
Lady's Brooch
Lady's Silk Hat
Leather Rucksack
Lebreau's Black Tattoo
Lebreau's Green Tattoo
Lebreau's Rainbow Tattoo
Leopard Tail
Leyak Crest
Light Bulb
Lightning Mask
Lightning's Shades
Long Gui's Shell
Lord's Banner
Lovely Eyepatch
Love-struck Party Hat
Lucky Clover
Lunar Circlet
Maiden's Beret
Mark of Lindzei
Masquerade Mask
Medic Guard's Badge
Merry Tail
Millionaire's Mustache
Miniflan Figurine
Mint Chip Ice Cream
Mobile Guard's Badge
Mog Figurine
Mog Mask
Monoculus Mask
Moogle Hat
Moogle Wings
Moonlight Mask
Nickel Gear
Noonblue Butterfly
Nymph Wings
Ocean Shades
Odin's Horn
Onion Knight's Helm
Orange Bow Tie
Orange Newsboy Cap
Order of Salvation Cap
Painter's Beret
Passionate Corsage
Perky Corsage
Pink Flower
Pink Moogle Bobble
Pink Ribbon
Pink-rimmed Glasses
Pink Rucksack
Pink Tattoo
Pioneer's Eyepatch
Playboy Shades
Politician's Beard
Prophetic Headdress
Pro's Beret
PSICOM Air Medal
PSICOM Medic Medal
PSICOM Mobile Medal
PSICOM Officer Epaulets
Pumpkin Head
Pure Angel Ears
Pure Earrings
Pure Pendant
Purple Chocobo Chick
Purple Chocobo Figurine
Purple Flower
Queen's Mask
Railworker's Cap
Rangda Crest
Raven Mask
Red Bow Tie
Red Chocobo Chick
Red Chocobo Figurine
Red Mage's Chapeau
Red Propeller
Reflective Shades
Regent's Mustache
Replica Pilot's Badge
Replica PSICOM Epaulet
Retro Lightning Mask
Retro Mog Mask
Retro Scopes
Retro Serah Mask
Ripe Apple
Rum Raisin Ice Cream
Safari Hat
Sailor's Tricorne
Saint's Beard
Salvage Pilot's Badge
Scholar's Beard
Scholar's Glasses
Scholar's Mortarboard
Scholar's Peaked Hat
Seadog's Beard
Sentimental Parasol
Serah Mask
Servant's Mustache
Shadow Tail
Shogun's Mustache
Shooting Star
Silver Chocobo Chick
Silver Chocobo Figurine
Silvered Insignia
Silver Medal
Silver Padlock
Silver Windup Key
Single Horn
Sky Blue NORA Symbol
Sky Blue Silk Hat
Smiley Glasses
Snakeskin Eyepatch
Snakeskin Hat
Snowy Spirit Wings
Staff of Judgement
Steamy Glasses
Stormy Motors Logo
Strawberry Ice Cream
Straw Hat
Summery Parasol
Summoner's Mask
Sunny Butterfly
Suspicious Mushroom
Sweet Corsage
Thief's Silk Hat
Thrilling Party Hat
Tiara of the Goddess
Tinkling Bell
Tonberry's Lantern
Toxic Mushroom
Training Pilot's Badge
Tribal Tattoo
Tropical Tree
Twilight Butterfly
Twilight Shades
Unicorn Mart Logo
Untamed Tail
Urban Shades
Vacation Hat
Violet Cat Ears
Wagging Tail
Warm Beret
Warning Beacon
Water Spirit Wings
Whimsy Shades
White Cat Ears
White Chocobo Chick
White Chocobo Figurine
White Flower
White Guitar
White Mage's Hat
Wild Bunny Ears
Wildcat Ears
Wild Shades
Wind-up Halo
Witch's Pointy Hat
Yellow Bow Tie
Yellow Propeller
Yellow Ribbon
Yellow-rimmed Glasses
Youthful Parasol
Zebra-print Eyepatch

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