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Monster Materials

Key Items

Note that Monster Crystals have not been listed separately. Instead, see the Bestiary of FFXIII-2 page.




Fragments have been listed here at their own page.




Amazon Bow
Angel's Bow
Arcus Chronica
Avenger's Edge
Azrael Infinity
Azrael Omega
Azrael Sigma
Blazing Spirit
Blessed Blade
Butterfly Bow
Catastrophe Blade
Catastrophe Blade Infinity
Catastrophe Blade Sigma
Catastrophe Blade Omega
Chrysalis Arc
Eurytos Bow
Faerie's Bow
Fatal Barb
Fellowship Arc
Flame Fossil
Genji Bow
Genji Bow Kiku
Genji Bow Sakura
Guardian's Edge
Howling Soul
In Paradisum
Lunar Stinger
Mac an Luin
Meteor Blaze
Nomad's Machete
Raging Arc
Romulus & Remus
Rune Feather
Rune Tooth
Sacred Cross
Seraphic Wing
Seraphic Wing Infinity
Seraphic Wing Omega
Seraphic Wing Sigma
Star Seeker
Survivor's Edge
The Tower
True Genji Bow
Volatile Spark
Wild Chorus


Accessory Delicate Durable
Auric Amulet Delicate Auric Amulet Durable Auric Amulet
Berserker's Ruby
Black Belt Delicate Black Belt Durable Black Belt
Blaster's Sapphire
Blaze Ring Delicate Blaze Ring Durable Blaze Ring
Bloodguard Delicate Bloodguard Durable Bloodguard
Bloody Medallion
Brawler's Wristband Delicate Brawler's Wristband Durable Brawler's Wristband
Collector Catalog Delicate Collector Catalog Durable Collector Catalog
Colonel's Glasses
Defender's Topaz
Diva Headphone
Diva Mic
Ember Ring Delicate Ember Ring Durable Ember Ring
Entite Ring Delicate Entite Ring Durable Entite Ring
Fire Aegis Delicate Fire Aegis
Frost Ring Delicate Frost Ring Durable Frost Ring
Fulmen Ring Delicate Fulmen Ring Durable Fulmen Ring
Gale Ring Delicate Gale Ring Durable Gale Ring
General's Belt Delicate General's Belt Durable General's Belt
Genji Glove Delicate Genji Glove
Genji Helm Delicate Genji Helm
Genji Shield Delicate Genji Shield
Goddess's Bangle
Goddess's Earrings
Gold Bangle Delicate Gold Bangle Durable Gold Bangle
Grimoire Hat Delicate Grimoire Hat
Guardian Amulet Delicate Guardian Amulet Durable Guardian Amulet
Healer's Emerald
Hermes Sandals Delicate Hermes Sandals Durable Hermes Sandals
Hero's Amulet Delicate Hero's Amulet Durable Hero's Amulet
Hypno Crown Delicate Hypno Crown Durable Hypno Crown
Ice Aegis Delicate Ice Aegis
Icicle Ring Delicate Icicle Ring Durable Icicle Ring
Impeder's Opal
Iron Bangle Delicate Iron Bangle Durable Iron Bangle
Kaiser Knuckles Durable Kaiser Knuckles
Lightning Aegis Delicate Lightning Aegis
Lightning Cross
Magician's Mark Delicate Magician's Mark Durable Magician's Mark
Magistral Crest Durable Magistral Crest
Martyr's Badge
Martyr's Emblem
Metal Armband Delicate Metal Armband Durable Metal Armband
Obsidian Choker Delicate Obsidian Choker Durable Obsidian Choker
Pain Dampener Delicate Pain Dampener Durable Pain Dampener
Pearl Necklace Delicate Pearl Necklace Durable Pearl Necklace
Power Wristband Delicate Power Wristband Durable Power Wristband
Ribbon Delicate Ribbon
Royal Amulet Delicate Royal Amulet Durable Royal Amulet
Rune Bracelet Delicate Rune Bracelet Durable Rune Bracelet
Saint's Amulet Delicate Saint's Amulet Durable Saint's Amulet
Serenity Sachet Delicate Serenity Sachet Durable Serenity Sachet
Sergeant's Badge
Shaman's Mark Delicate Shaman's Mark Durable Shaman's Mark
Silver Bangle Delicate Silver Bangle Durable Silver Bangle
Sniper's Eye Delicate Sniper's Eye Durable Sniper's Eye
Snow's Bandanna
Spark Ring Delicate Spark Ring Durable Spark Ring
Star Pendant Delicate Star Pendant Durable Star Pendant
Stiltzkin's Journal Durable Stiltzkin's Journal
Supporter's Amethyst
Twist Headband Delicate Twist Headband Durable Twist Headband
Warding Talisman Delicate Warding Talisman Durable Warding Talisman
Watchman's Amulet Delicate Watchman's Amulet Durable Watchan's Amulet
White Cape Delicate White Cape Durable White Cape
Wind Aegis Delicate Wind Aegis
Witch's Bracelet Delicate Witch's Bracelet Durable Witch's Bracelet
Zealot's Amulet Delicate Zealot's Amulet Durable Zealot's Amulet
Zephyr Ring Delicate Zephyr Ring Durable Zephyr Ring


Academic's Hat
Adamantoise Shell
Afro & Black Chick
Afro & Blue Chick
Afro & Gold Chick
Afro & Purple Chick
Afro & Red Chick
Afro & Silver Chick
Afro & White Chick
Afro & Yellow Chick
Aqua Fairy Wings
Aqua Ribbon
Behemoth Crest
Black Chocobo Chick
Black Chocobo Figurine
Black-Rimmed Glasses
Black Tattoo
Blue Beacon
Blue Butterfly
Blue Chocobo Chick
Blue Chocobo Figurine
Blue Feather Hairpin
Blue Flower
Blue Guitar
Blue Mage's Chapeau
Blue Moogle Bobble
Blue Party Hat
Blue Pilot's Badge
Blue Propeller
Blue Psicom Spaulders
Bronze Medal
Brown Bushy Mustache
Bunny Ears
Bushy Mustache
Cactuar Figurine
Caius's Sword
Canned Coyo Logo
Canned Sheep Logo
Carbuncle Figurine
Carnival Mask
Chef's Hat
Chocobo Chick
Chocobo Feather Hairpin
Chocobo Figurine
Cie'th Wing
Crimson Flower
Crystal Apple
Crystal Feather
Crystal Heart
Crystal Petal
Crystal Rose
Crystal Star
Crystal Tear
Cute Cactuar Figurine
Cute Heart
Dajh's Patch
Delicious Mushroom
Dragon Hide Backpack
Dusk Feather Hairpin
Electric Guitar
Fairy Wings
Festive Tree
Flower Pattern
Fragment Crystal
Frying Pan
Gadot's Black Emblem
Gadot's Blue Emblem
Gadot's Red Emblem
Gold Anchor
Gold Brooch
Gold Chocobo Chick
Gold Chocobo Figurine
Golden Flower
Gold Gear
Gold Medal
Gold Padlock
Gold Shades
Gold Windup Key
Green NORA Symbol
Green Pilot's Badge
Green Psicom Spaulders
Grudge Knife
Guardian Corps Badge
Guard's Medic Badge
Guard's Ravager Badge
Headdress of Courage
Lebreau's Black Tattoo
Lebreau's Olive Tattoo
Lebreau's Violet Tattoo
Leyak Crest
Light Bulb
Lightning Mask
Long Gui Backpack
Long Gui's Shell
Lower Rank Insignia
Lucky Clover
Mark of Etro
Mark of Lindzei
Mark of the L'Cie
Masquerade Mask
Mini Flan Figurine
Mint Chip Ice Cream
Mog Figurine
Mog Mask
Mog's Clock
Moogle Wing
Musical Bell
NORA Symbol
Onion Knight's Helm
Orange Beacon
Orange Bow Tie
Orange Butterfly
Orange Newsboy Cap
Orange Pilot's Badge
Party Hat
Pilot's Badge
Pink Flower
Pink Moogle Bobble
Pink Newsboy Cap
Pink Party Hat
Pink Ribbon
Pink-Rimmed Glasses
Pink Tattoo
Psicom Lapel Pin
Psicom Officer Pin
Pumpkin Head
Purple Chocobo Chick
Purple Chocobo Figurine
Purple Flower
Queen's Mask
Rangda Crest
Red Beacon
Red Bow Tie
Red Chocobo Chick
Red Chocobo Figurine
Red Commando Badge
Red Mage's Chapeau
Red Propeller
Red Psicom Spaulders
Red Silk Hat
Retro Lightning Mask
Retro Mog Mask
Retro Serah Mask
Ripe Apples
Rum Raisin Ice Cream
Sahagin Hide Backpack
Sentimental Parasol
Serah Mask
Shooting Star
Silk Hat
Silver Brooch
Silver Chocobo Chick
Silver Chocobo Figurine
Silver Gear
Silver Medal
Silver Padlock
Silver PSICOM Spaulders
Silver Windup Key
Single Horn
Sky Blue Newsboy Cap
Sky Blue NORA Symbol
Sky Blue Silk Hat
Snow Fairy Wings
Stormy Monsters Logo
Staff of Judgment
Strawberry Ice Cream
Summery Parasol
Summoner's Mask
Suspicious Mushroom
Tonberry Figurine
Tonberry's Lantern
Toxic Mushroom
Train Conductor Beret
Train Conductor Hat
Tranquil Headdress
Tropical Tree
Unicorn Mart Logo
Upper Rank Insignia
Vacationer's Shades
Violet Shades
Whimsical Headdress
White Bushy Mustache
White Chocobo Chick
White Chocobo Figurine
White Flower
White Guitar
White Tree
Wizard's Hat
Woolly Sheep Figurine
Yellow Bow Tie
Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Propeller
Yellow Ribbon
Yellow-Rimmed Glasses
Youthful Parasol
Zwerg Ring


Note that aside from the default outfits (not listed here), each of the outfits is a DLC item.

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