Items of FFI

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Regular Items

Key Items

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Aegis Shield
Angel's Ring
Bard's Tunic
Black Cowl
Black Garb
Black Robe
Bronze Gloves
Chain Mail
Copper Armlets
Crystal Gloves
Crystal Helm
Crystal Mail
Crystal Shield
Diamond Armlets
Diamond Armor
Diamond Gloves
Diamond Helm
Diamond Shield
Dragon Mail
Elven Cloak
Feathered Cap
Flame Mail
Flame Shield
Gaia Gear
Genji Armor
Genji Gloves
Genji Helm
Genji Shield
Giant's Gloves
Great Helm
Healing Helm
Hero's Shield
Ice Armor
Ice Shield
Iron Armor
Iron Shield
Knight's Armor
Leather Armor
Leather Cap
Leather Gloves
Leather Shield
Light Robe
Mythril Gloves
Mythril Helm
Mythril Mail
Mythril Shield
Protect Cloak
Protect Ring
Red Cap
Red Jacket
Ruby Armlets
Sage's Miter
Sage's Surplice
Silver Armlets
Steel Gloves
Thief's Armlets
Thief's Gloves
Twist Headband
White Robe
Wizard's Hat
Zephyr Cape

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