Hi-Potion (ハイポーション [high potion] in Japanese) is one of the standard healing items in Final Fantasies. It cures more HP than a normal Potion, but less than X-Potion.

Final Fantasy I

Buy: 150 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Gaia, Onrac
Drop: Green Slime, Knocker, White Croc
Description: Restores 150 HP

Final Fantasy II

Buy: 150 gil (sell: 75 gil)
Description: Restores HP

Final Fantasy III


Buy: 600 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Village of the Ancients, Dwarven Hollows, Amur, Duster, Replito, Saronia NW/NE, Doga's Manor, Ancient Ruins, Invincible, Falgabard
Drop: (numerous)
Steal: (numerous)
Treasure: Molten Cave, Waterfall Cave, Lake Dohr
Type: Consumable
Effect: Restores 500 HP

Final Fantasy V

Use: Restores 500 HP, damages undead
Buy: 360 gil (Sell: 180 gil)
Drop: some enemies
Obtain: some chests

Final Fantasy VI

Use: Restores 250 HP
Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)

Final Fantasy VII


Use: restores 500 HP
Buy: 300 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Bone Village, Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, Fort Condor, Gongaga, Icicle, Junon, Mideel, Nibelheim, Rocket Town, Temple of the Ancients, Wutai

Final Fantasy IX


Buy: 200 gil (sell: 100 gil)
Shop: Black Mage Village (item shop), Alexandria (item shop (disc 3)), Linbdlum (Dragoos' shop (disc 3)), Esto Gaza (equipment shop), Hilda Garde 1, Oeilvert (Mimoza's mogshop), Desert Palace (Mojito's mogshop), Mt Gulug (Mogtaka's mogshop), Daguerreo (item shop), Ipsen's Castle (Kumool's mogshop), Bran Bal (Moorock's mogshop)
Drop: (various enemies)
Steal: (various enemies)
Treasure: (various treasures)
Obtain: from Ghost, buy in a package of goodies from Stiltzkin in Burmecia on disc 1, Cleyra on disc 2, and Alexandria and Oeilvert on disc 3, from commanding Knights of Pluto on Garnet on disc 3 if you get 3 commands wrong and 1 right, dig up during Chocobo Hot & Cold, dig up 3 on the world map with the Chocograph'Streamside', 5 with 'Between Mountains', 7 with 'Cold Field' and 7 with 'Forgotten Lagoon', use Dead Pepper for 25 on ocean bubbles between Lost and Outer continents
Description: Restores 450 HP. The effect decreases if used in the field
Other: restores 300 HP in the field

Final Fantasy X

Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: (multiple ways)
Equip effect: -, Aeon effect: x99 for Cure
Description: Recovers 1,000 HP of one party member
Other: deals 1,000 damage when used on undead

Final Fantasy XII

Use: restores 400 HP for target
Buy: 210 gil (sell: 105 gil)
Other: affected by Potion Lore (10%-15%-25%), Pheasant Netsuke, Nihopalaoa

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: HP +30% (max 300)
Buy: - (sell: 156 gil)
Drop: Kobold Packman (also: Almsman, Ascetic, Pickman)
Craft: ALC 23 x4 - Water Shard x3, Yellow Ginseng, Matron's Mistletoe, Distilled Water
Type: Potion, Stack: 99
Description: This concoction instantly restores HP.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Use: restore 70 HP, horizontal range 4 (Chemist ability Item, 200 JP)
Buy: 200 gil (sell: 100 gil)
Shop: (available from the start of the game) everywhere
Description: Medicine that restores HP. More effective than a standard potion.



Buy: 800 gil (sell: 80 gil)
Shop: Underling (after mission 7-1), Multi-player menu
Drop: Iron Giant, Wulframiter
Treasure: missions 1-1, 2-3, etc
Obtain: buy for 160SPP from the SP shop, many NPC chats, many SOs, from Emina Hanaharu and Kazusa Futahito events, etc
Description: Restores all HP for one party member.

Airborne Brigade


Shop: -
Obtain: various ranking rewards
Description: Restores half LP
Other: usage limit, up to 2 per day

Category: Item

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