Gysahl Greens

ギサールの野菜 / ギサールのやさい [gysahl no yasai] or 'Gysahl Vegetable' in Japanese. For more on Gysahl, see Gysahl.

Final Fantasy III


Buy: 150 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Gysahl, Amur, Duster, Replito, Saronia NW/NE, Doga's Manor, Ancient Ruins, Invincible, Falgabard
Treasure: Dwarven Hollows, Amur, Saronia SW
Type: Consumable
Effect: summons the Chubby Chocobo when used in the right place in a Chocobo Forest

Final Fantasy IV

Buy: 50 gil (Sell: 25 gil)
Other: use in a place where it smells like chocobo. Fat Chocobo will appear

Final Fantasy VII


Buy: 100 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Chocobilly / Chocobo Ranch
Effect: heals 100 HP and keeps a chocobo occupied for 2 turns in battle
Effect: feed to gain Dash +0-3, Run +0-2, Stamina +0-3, Co-op +1
Description: ?

Final Fantasy IX


Buy: 80 gil (sell: 40 gil)
Shop: Mene / Chocobo's Forest
Treasure: Cleyra Trunk, Cleyra by cathedral, Black Mage Village chocobo house
Obtain: exchange for 10 Chocobo Hot&Cold points at a Chocobo Forest, dig up during Chocobo Hot & Cold, dig up 8 on the world map with the Chocograph 'Forgotten Lagoon'
Use: Phoenix Pinion
Description: Cures Berserk. Item has no effect in the field. Chocobo's favorite food
Other: calls out Choco when used on the field near chocobo tracks

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: 108 gil (sell: 54 gil)
Shop: merchant (Balfonheim, Clan Provider (Rabanastre), any airship
Drop: any chocobo
Steal: any chocobo
Poach: any chocobo
Use: Hermes Sandals, feed to a chocobo for dash mode
Description: A leafy vegetable favored by chocobos. The taste is slightly bitter, but quite palatable, even for humes. Thought to give chocobos a slight buzz.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: various spheres
Effect: enables riding chocobos. A yellow chocobo will require one to mount, a red-and-rainbow chocobo will require one to mount and eats one more at regular intervals while mounted
Description: Used to ride Chocobos

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: restore a chocobo's HP during Caravan security
Buy: ? (sell: 47 gil)
Shop: ? (caravan security merchant NPCs)
Gather: harvesting Dragonhead, Fields of Glory
Type: Vegetable, Stack: 99
Description: A leafy vegetable indigenous to the Near East. While too bitter for most people's tastes, chocobos are known to enjoy the flavor, and thus the greens are often used as fodder for the animals.

Tactics Advance

Obtain: mission New Fields, during Madmoon
Other: a mission item

Final Fantasy Type-0

Buy: 100 gil (sell: 10 gil)
Shop: Kezaiah
Obtain: talk to Hishou at the chocobo ranch in chapter 2 or later
Effect: difference 75%, slightly better breed on the 2 first ones of a bloodline, 3-6 chicks in a brood
Description: It is easier for a different chocobo to be born

Airborne Brigade


Shop: -
Obtain: create account
Other: chance to obtain abilities from chocobos
Other: infinite in inventory

Record Keeper


Buy: - (sell: -)
Use: exchange for various rewards
Reward: -
Drop: Countdown to Destruction event
Type: -, Rarity: -, Stack: ?

Category: Item

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