Guard N Barrel

ガードMバレル [guard M barrel] in Japanese. The 'M' of Japanese version refers to 'Middle', and the 'N' of English version to 'Normal'.

Dirge of Cerberus

Power: 75, Speed: 100, Range: 65, Weight: 450
Long Range Acc: 75, Medium Range Acc: 110, Short Range Acc: 100
Buy: - (sell: 10 gil)
Upgrade from: -, Upgrade to: -
Obtain: in ch6, protect all 4 WRO members when the helicopters come. If all survive, when you head down the basement there will be a crate with Guard N Barrel to a corridor leading left
Description: When equipped, this unique mid-size barrel will increase the defence of its user.

Category: Item

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