Gorgyra Fragment
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: defeat Gorgyra at Yaschas Massif (1X AF) during the Gorgyra quest
Description: There was once a female warrior of Paddra, bound to serve the goddess, who was tricked by an enemy and almost caused the seeress to be killed. Now, the seeress loved the warrior like a sister, and she forgave the mistake. But the warrior did not, and as penance she asked a fal'Cie to turn her into a Cie'th. When the warrior finished her prayer to the fal'Cie, an ominous voice rang through her head. 'I have heard your plea. You shall lose your five senses, be plunged into black flames, and wander the eternal darkness. Your words shall be a song of agony; your screams a curse of death. And thus shall you remain, until a merciful one destroys your soul and frees you from your torment.'

Category: Item

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