Gimble Stalk

くるくるドリル [kurukuru drill] or 'round-and-round drill' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 1,647 gil)
Use: Amber Armlet
Drop: Alraune King
Steal: Alraune King (Sochen)
Poach Alraune King
Description: A conical protuberance that gyres and gimbles. Used for making holes in extremely hard objects and wabes. A favorite of children everywhere.

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 50 gil)
Use: Greataxe, Master Bow, Ogun Blade
Reward: For My Love x2 (once), Fey Mischief (wandering monster)
Type: Bone, Rank:
Description: The tip of this drill is slightly rounded. A popular crafting tool for children.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: 50 gil)
Use: Ashura, Barong
Obtain: Northern Great Desert of Niel/Way of Burning Scales
Description: A somewhat uncommon bone

Category: Item

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