Gemini Gem
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Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 150 gil)
Use: Artemis Arrows
Drop: Behemoth, Blood Gigas, Bune, Dullahan, High Reaver, Reaver, Slaven Wilder, Wendigo
Steal: Atomos, Behemoth, Blood Gigas, Bune, Catoblepas, High Reaver, Humbaba, Overlord, Reaver, Slaven Warden, Slaven Wilder, Striker, Wendice, Werewolf, Zaghnal, Zalera
Poach Striker
Obtain: defeat 15 rare game hunt monsters and talk to the Hunt Club owner in Archades
Description: A yellow gemstone bearing the name "Gemini". Said to portend assassination.

Category: Item

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