γ‚Έγ‚§γƒŸγƒ‹ [gemini] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Obtain: throw money 13 times into the wishing well in Treno
Use: hand over to Queen Stella
Type: Key Item (Stellazzio)
Description: One of many Stellazzio in the world. Gemini thought by the river, 'I will sing her a song.' He didn't know where she was, but he hoped his song would reach her.

Final Fantasy Tactics


Obtain: defeat Elmdore de Limberry
Type: Artefact (Zodiac Stone)
Description: One of the twelve legendary Zodiac Stones. This particular stone bears the symbol of the Twins, and was acquired after defeating the marquis Elmdore de Limberry.

Category: Item

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