Fire Stone

火の石 [hi no ishi] or 'fire stone' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 35 gil)
Use: Escutcheon, Flametongue, Longbow & Fiery Arrows
Drop: Alpha Hyena, Axe Beak, Bellwyvern, Bomb, Brown Chocobo, Cockatrice, Dire Rat, Fire Chaosjet, Fire Elemental, Garchimacera, Hyena, Lesser Chimera, Tallow, Wyvern
Steal: Alpha Hyena, Axe Beak, Bellwyvern, Bomb, Brown Chocobo, Dire Rat, Hyena, Lesser Chimera, Marilith, Roblon, Rogue Tomato, Tallow, Wyvern
Description: A stone infused with the power of fire. It looks like an ordinary stone, but is faintly warm to the touch.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 380 (sell: 190 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 4 onwards
Use: Detonator, Flametongue, Lava Wand, Pyroblade, Pyroglide, Pyrolance, Pyrowand, Red Halberd
Obtain: mission 2-2 (harvest 67%), 3-5 (harvest 67%), Stroke of Luck (harvest 67%), Restoring Honor (harvest 33%), Gucuma Qul Monster Melee (harvest 67%), Fane of Tehp Qul Summoning Melee (harvest 67%), Shadow of Paharo Monster Melee (harvest 67%), Gucuerro Greendeep Monster Melee (harvest 67%), Auralith's Cradle Summoning Melee (harvest 67%), Feol Warren Summoning Melee (harvest 33%)
Description: Stone enchanted by fire. Plain at first glance, but unnaturally warm.
Other: low-grade Fire Shard

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 600 gil)
Use: Ashura, Druid Mace, Firewheel Rod, Flametongue, Lava Spear, Rising Sun, Circlet, Blaze Robe, Red Robe, Spiked Boots
Reward: It's the Thought x5 (once), The Lands of Loar x2 (repeatable), Veis, Assassin x5 (once)
Type: Magicite, Rank:
Description: stone imbued with fire magicks. It's slightly warm to the touch.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: 50 gil)
Use: Grand Cannon, Fire Ring
Obtain: Northern Great Desert of Niel/Gief Ruins
Description: A somewhat uncommon piece of magicite

Category: Item

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