Fire Gem
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火の宝珠 [hi no houshu] or 'fire gem' in Japanese.

Revenant Wings

Buy: - (sell: 5,630 gil)
Shop: -
Use: Laevateinn, Wizard's Rod, Eruptor, Tumulus
Obtain: mission 2-2 (harvest 1%), 3-5 (harvest 1%), 9-1 (25% with Goblin Pouch), Stroke of Luck (harvest 1%), Restoring Honor (harvest 17%), Masterless Minions (25% with Goblin Pouch), Fane of Gucuma Qul Monster Melee (harvest 1%), Tehp Qul Summon Melee (harvest 1%), Shadow of Paharo Monster Melee (harvest 1%), Guguerro Greendeep Monster Melee (harvest 1%), Auralith's Cradle Summon Melee (harvest 1%), Glabados Ruins Monster Melee (25% with Goblin Pouch), Feol Warren Summon Melee (harvest 17%)
Description: Gemstone afire with a soul of ignition. Hellfire seethes at its core.
Other: high-grade Inferno Crystal

Category: Item

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