Fire Crystal

火のクリスタル [hi no crystal] or 'fire crystal' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI


Use: various (synthesis: Heat)
Buy: - (sell: 13-15 gil)
Drop: various EP+ monsters while Signet/Sigil/Sanction is in effect
Garden: various
Obtain: join the Blacksmiths' or the Culinarians' Guild
Obtain: use an Fire Cluster
Obtain: Chocobo Hot & Cold
Type: Crystal, Stack: 12
Description: A crystal infused with fire energy.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 160 gil)
Use: Caldera & Chaos Bombs, Chakra Band & Power Vest, Crown of Laurels & Rubber Suit, Fumarole & Poison Bombs, Tumulus & Oil Bombs
Drop: Bangaa Thief, Bellwyvern, Bune, Cerberus, Deadly Nightshade, Dullahan, Fire Chaosjet, Fire Elemental, Garchimacera, Grenade, Lizard, Mom Bomb, Mu, Mythril Golem, Salamand Entite, Scythe Mantis, Topstalk
Steal: Cerberus, Deadly Nightshade, Diabolos, Dullahan, Fire Chaosjet, Fire Elemental, Grenade, King Bomb, Lizard, Marilith, Mythril Golem, Roblon, Salamand Entite, Scythe Mantis
Description: A crystallization of potent fire magicks, said to contain the divine power of creation. The source of a salamand entite's energy.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 760 (sell: 380 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 6 onwards with over 100 materials obtained
Use: Detonator, Flametongue, Lava Wand, Pyroblade, Pyroglide, Pyrolance, Pyrowand, Red Halberd
Obtain: mission 2-2 (harvest 11%), 3-5 (harvest 11%), 4-3 (treasure), 4-4 (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch), 4-5 (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch), Baubles and Banditry (reward 100%), Stroke of Luck (harvest 11%), Otherworldly Beauty (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch), Restoring Honor (harvest 17%), Gucuma Qul Monster Melee (harvest 11%), Fane of Tehp Qul Summoning Melee (harvest 11%), Shadow of Paharo Monster Melee (harvest 11%), Gucuerro Greendeep Monster Melee (harvest 11%), Gugoza Falls Monster Melee (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch), Auralith's Cradle Summoning Melee (harvest 11%), Feol Warren Summoning Melee (harvest 17%)
Description: Crystallized form of fire so pure, it holds the power of synthesis.
Other: high-grade Fire Shard
Other: 火の魔晶石 [hi no mashouseki] or 'fire magic-crystal' in Japanese, so is in fact different from actual elemental crystals

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: (too many to list)
Buy: 300 gil (sell: 38 gil)
Shop: Frances, Gallia (Gridania), Noline, Notrelchamps, Qhas Chalahko (Limsa Lominsa), Hnaufrid, Kylene, Lafla Morfla (Ul'dah)
Craft: ALC 11 - Lightning Shard x5, Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish OR Coral Butterfly OR Razor Clam OR Vongola Clam
ALC 24 x2 - Lightning Shard x10, Miter Shell
ALC 31 x3 - Lightning Crystal, Lava Toad OR Monke Onke OR Silver Shark
ALC 37 x3 - Lightning Shard x2, Blacklip Oyster
ALC 41 x6 - Lightning Crystal x2, Haraldr Haddock OR Velodyna Carp
Type: Crystal, Stack: 99
Description: A crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy.

Category: Item

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