Farewell Madeleine
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: solve the anomaly at Oerba (400 AF)
Description: One day, Mog heard rumors about another creature that looked just like him. So he set off through the Historia Crux to find the monster people called an imp. For sure, the imp and little flapping wings, just like Mog, and it could even hover in the air. But the more Mog looked, the less moogly the creature appeared. 'Are you a kind of imp?' asked the monster. 'Er, no, my eyes don't stick out nearly as much as your,' replied Mog. Well, this made the imp madder than anything, and he called his ahriman friend and chased Mog all over the Crux. No matter how much Mog protested that he meant it as a compliment, the imp would not forgive him.

Category: Item

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