A drink that fully restores HP and MP. エリクサー [elixir] in Japanese.
See also Megalixir

Final Fantasy I

Use: ?
Drop: Death Eye

Final Fantasy II

Buy: 50,000 gil (sell: 25,000 gil)
Description: Fully restores HP and MP

Final Fantasy III


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drop: Green Dragon, King Behemoth, Red Dragon, Yellow Dragon
Steal: Green Dragon, King Behemoth, Odin, Red Dragon, Yellow Dragon
Treasure: Canaan, Dwarven Hollows, Hein's Castle, Replito, Saronia NE, Sunken Cave, Saronia Catacombs, Lake Dohr, Bahamut's Lair, Labyrinth of the Ancients, Crystal Tower, Eureka
Type: Consumable
Effect: Fully restores HP and MP

Final Fantasy IV

Use: ?
Buy: 50,000 gil (Sell: 1 gil)

Final Fantasy V

Use: Fully restores HP and MP
Buy: 50,000 gil (Sell: 5 gil)
Shop: Phantom Village
Drop: some enemies

Final Fantasy VI

Use: ?
Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)

Final Fantasy VII


Use: restores all HP and MP
Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drop: Dark Dragon
Steal: Gighee, Master Tonberry
Obtain: dig at Bone Village, sector M4

Final Fantasy IX


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drop: (various enemies)
Steal: (various enemies)
Treasure: (various treasures)
Obtain: from Yeti, buy in a package of goodies from Stiltzkin in Alexandria, Oeilvert and Bran Bal on disc 3 and Alexandria on disc 4, from people saved at Cleyra in the cathedral, deliver a Kupo Nut to Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto for the first time on disc 2, capture 15 frogs at Qu's Marsh (combined total for the marshes), dig up during Chocobo Hot & Cold, dig up 2 on the world map with the Chocograph 'Streamside', 2 with 'Small Beach' and 2 with 'Forbidden Forest', use Dead Pepper for 7 on ocean bubbles between Lost and Outer continents, turn in 6 different Stellazzio to Queen Stella, from commanding Knights of Pluto on Garnet on disc 3 if you get 2 commands wrong and 2 right, send out all Knights of Pluto on patrol when searching for Princess Garnet on Steiner in Alexandria Castle, impress 50-79 nobles in sword fight during I Want to Be Your Canary
Use: Pearl Rouge
Description: Fully restores HP and MP

Final Fantasy X

Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: (multiple ways), bribe YKT-11
Equip effect: x5 for HP+20% or MP+20%, Aeon effect: x8 for Raise
Description: Fully recovers a character's HP and MP
Other: HP restored in battle has an upper limit of 9,999, MP has limit of 999. Deals 9,999 HP and 999 MP damage to undead target

Final Fantasy XII

Use: restores all HP and MP of target
Buy: - (sell: 777 gil)
Other: affected by Nihopalaoa

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: various spheres
Description: Revives all allies from KO, fully restores HP, and charges the Feral Link gauge

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: HP +50% (max 2,000), MP +30% (max 1,050)
Buy: - (sell: 540 gil)
Craft: ALC 53 - Water Crystal x3, Ahriman Wing, Marjoram, Vampire Plant, Distilled Water
Type: Ether, Stack: 99
Description: This special blend of herbal extracts and aetheric essence rejuvinates body and mind, instantly restoring HP and MP.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Use: restore all HP and MP, horizontal range 4 (Chemist ability Item, 900 JP)
Buy: - (sell: 5 gil)
Treasure: Dorvauldar Marsh (4), story battle at Mullonde Cathedral (3), story battle at Mullonde Cathedral Nave (4), Nelveska Temple (if your Bravery is high), Midlight's Deep (14), story battles after the point of no return (4 each)
Poach: Greater Malboro / Midlight's Deep (floor 4 The Catacombs, floor 8 The Switchback)
Obtain: complete story battle at Mullonde Cathedral Sanctuary, Melee Mode multiplayer
Description: Valuable medicine that fully restores both HP and MP.



Buy: 10,000 gil (sell: 1,000 gil)
Shop: Underling (mission 6-1)
Treasure: missions 1-1, 3-2, 4-Red, practice missions 5-D, 7-A, Bethnel Cavern, Innsmouth Coast, Monster Valley
Obtain: many NPC chats, many SOs, from Emina Hanaharu and Kazusa Futahito events, etc
Description: Restores all HP and MP for one party member and removes Burn, Frozen, Shock, Silence, Poison and Stop from them.

Airborne Brigade


Shop: 180 KP
Obtain: -
Description: Fully restores LP and BP



Buy: 1,000 Magicite (for 11) (sell: -)
Treasure: various areas
Obtain: login bonus, gift box, etc
Description: Restores the vitality required for adventuring
Effect: restores stamina equal to max stamina (if current stamina is greater than 0, max stamina will be surpassed)

Category: Item

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