Eel Kabob
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Final Fantasy XI


Stats: DEX +4, MND -3, EVA +5, 30 min
Use: Turn in for 500 guild points, for a total of 3,840 points
Use: Materiel Storm IV
Buy: 2,700-3,150 gil (sell: 496-512 gil)
Shop: Ghebi Damomohe (Jeuno Lower I-7), Nuh Celodehki (Kazham I-7)
Craft: CUL 53 - Fire Crystal, Black Eel OR Yilanbaligi, Olive Oil
Type: Seafood, Stack: 12
Description: A black eel roasted on a stick. Can also be made with a yilanbaligi.
Other: HQ is Broiled Eel

Category: Item

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