Earth Key

大地の鍵 [daichi no kagi] or 'key of the earth' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: -)
Use: exchange for various items at the Vault in Grandshelt City after Pendant Dependent
Obtain: (see below table)
Type: Item / Key, Number: 064-088
Description: A key to a safety deposit box in Grandshelt
Profile: A dainty decorated key with green vines entwined around it. The (first/second/etc). If you bring this key to the bank in Grandshelt, it can be exchanged for the treasure corresponding to its number. There's a rumor that in the event that someone should gather all the keys scattered around the world and open all the deposit boxes, an even greater treasure awaits them.

Key Obtain Reward
1 Marlo Village in top-right of village take hidden passageways right and enter another map, then take hidden passageway all the way around clockwise from top right Main Gauche
2 Lanzelt Ruins hidden passage directly forward from entrance Mythril Plate
3 Fulan Pass lower right Capella
4 Message in the Dream War Hammer
5 Snow Wolf's Fang on map 3 right before Marlo Village exit Mythril Gauntlet
6 Mitra inn Stona Recipe
7 Granport inn Bioblaster Recipe
8 Temple of Wind on the second map head forward to enter another map, then take the roundabout to the lower right to a hidden passage Knight's Armor Recipe
9 Phantom Woods hidden passage when heading down to second boss exit Red Cap
10 Port Ohdol end of tunnel when entering the middle exit Black Choker
11 A Chivalrous Thief's Legacy Earth God's Ring
12 Lanzelt Ruins on map 7 right before the first long stairs Gravity Recipe
13 Zadehl Desert West on left edge in obstructed valley Kazekiri
14 Nashat in the room down from chocobo stables Mythril Shield
15 Dalnakya Caves map 1 by waterfall Dagger
16 Kol in hidden tunnel to the left in the back room of the weapon shop Thundara Recipe
17 Lanzelt Mountains Upper on map 5 on left edge Silver Chestplate
18 Port Lodin inside market stalls on lower left Golden Anklet
19 Colosseum Beginner D-3 Kenpogi
20 Treasures of the Desert Armlet of Exorcism
21 The Wildcat and the Robber
(only appears after getting keys 8, 11 and 20)
Hyper Recipe
22 Grandshelt City slum schoolhouse right wall Shuriken Recipe
23 Kolobos Wetlands hidden passageway in top left of the map Protect Recipe
24 Snow Wolf's Fang before the tree that falls after the boss battle Icebrand
25 Zadehl Desert West inside second big rock formation when heading up from entrance Steal Recipe

Category: Item

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