Death Powder

デスパウダー [death powder] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 1,323 gil)
Use: Ultima Blade
Drop: Bogey
Steal: Ahriman
Poach Bogey, Cultsworn Lich
Description: A powder so black it seems to suck in all light and life. Artists have been known to use it in compositions to effect deep, rich shadows.

Revenant Wings

Buy: - (sell: 3,240 gil)
Shop: -
Use: Blood Lance, Blood Sword, Resonator
Obtain: mission 7-2 (harvest 22%), Paramina Rift Summoning Melee (harvest 22%, reward 75% with Goblin Pouch)
Description: Light-absorbing black powder. Popular among artists as a darkening agent.
Other: mid-grade Grim Dust

Category: Item

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