Dark Pretzel
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Pretzel is a type of salted bread originating in Europe. It can be soft or hard. Pretzels are known for their distinct shape, the 'pretzel knot'. In the US and UK, some straight bread sticks might also be called pretzels.

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DEF +9% (max 30), VIT +4% (max 5), 30 min
Buy: 810 gil (sell: 62 gil)
Shop: Benedict, Hawu Baihjri, Logedanrel, Montorgains, Ulala, Wistsunn, Wunthyml (Thanalan)
Craft: CUL 22 x4 - Fire Shard x3, Sunset Wheat Flour, Maple Sugar, Chicken Egg, Salted Butter, Table Salt, Mineral Water
Type: Grain Dish, Stack: 99
Description: A traditional Dunesfolk bread twisted into the shape of a knot and sprinkled generously with coarse-ground salt before being baked to a deep brown.

Category: Item

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