Crystallized Water
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水の結晶 [mizu no kesshou] or 'crystallized water' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Gather: Latius Forest, Fran Highroad, Zadelle Desert West, Snow Wolf's Fang, Lanzelut Ruins, Corobos Wetlands
Use: Sleep Dagger, Water Ring, Antidote, Bacchus Wine, Ether, Eye Drops, Fish Scale, Hi-Potion, Mana Tonic, Potion, Power Tonic, Protect Drink, Recovery Fount, Shell Drink, Smelling Salts, Turbo Ether, Vaccine, X-Potion, Barwatara, Barwater, Poisona, Sleep, Water, Water Blade
Type: Material, Number: 004
Description: A crystallization bearing the power of water within
Profile: A crystallization born of Water element magick power that has condensed over a long period of time. A lot can be found in places like forests and the edge of water. It emits a light like a glistening water's surface, and touching it feels like it would gently suck you in. It is famous for having its light change by the quality of the surrounding water. In places where clear water gushes forth the crystals are transparent, and in places where stagnant water gathers the crystal itself is also murky.



Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Obtain: -
Alchemy: Water Pyroxene, Token of Sympathy x2, Crystal Fragment
Use: required for EX Alchemy to create Water Crystal
Type: Alchemy Material, Rarity: ★★
Description: Material for EX Alchemy synthesization

Category: Item

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