Crafting in Crystal Bearers
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Crafting in Crystal Bearers is done through Moogle crafting shops (オーダーメイド [order maid] in Japanese). You simply bring the materials and the gil with you, and when you place an order in the shop the moogle will make you an accessory to wear.

The catch is that there is no guarantee what item the moogle will make. Each accessory family has three possible accessories it can make. While the end result largely depends on in which order you give the materials to the moogle, it is not a 100% guarantee which accessory of the three you will get no matter what order you turn them in. As such, if you don't get what you want you just have to try again. On individual item pages the order with the most chances of getting the item is listed, but with the chart below, you can see what your chances are of getting each item with a certain combination. In the accessory family data, the order of accessories listed is always Common, Variation 1, Variation 2. Likewise, the order of materials listed in the family data is always A-B-C.
As you can see from the chart below, the best chances for getting a Common is A-B-C, for Variation 1 it's A-C-B and for Variation 2 C-A-B.

Order Common Variation 1 Variation 2
A-B-C 90% 5% 5%
A-C-B 60% 40% 0%
B-A-C 70% 20% 10%
B-C-A 70% 10% 20%
C-A-B 60% 0% 40%
C-B-A 80% 10% 10%

Obtaining the materials to make an accessory can be a job unto itself, but material data is not added to this page. See the individual material pages to find out what you need to kill and how to obtain the materials.

Also note that once you have made all three accessories within a family, that accessory cannot be made again.


Amulet Family (40 gil)
A: Nut, B: Moogle Doll, C: Cool Specs
Amulet: recommended A-B-C
Athame: recommended A-C-B
Talisman: recommended C-A-B

Cloth Ward Family (80 gil gil)
A: Moogle Doll, B: Leatherwork, C: Metal Lighter
Cloth Ward: recommended A-B-C
Bonfirm Bracer: recommended A-C-B
Sacrificial Doll: recommended C-A-B

Glass Ward Family (120gil)
A: Bottle Cap, B: Metal Lighter, C: Yo-yo
Glass Ward: recommended A-B-C
Nazar Boncugu: recommended A-C-B
Curandero Charm: recommended C-A-B

Iron Ward Family (160 gil)
A: Metal Lighter, B: Four-leaf Clover, C: Tasty Tidbit
Iron Ward: recommended A-B-C
Magnetite Charm: recommended A-C-B
Horseshoe: recommended C-A-B

Bronze Ward Family (200 gil)
A: Moogle Doll, B: Antique, C: Capsule Toy
Bronze Ward: recommended A-B-C
Bear Idol: recommended A-C-B
Tiwanaku: recommended C-A-B

Copper Ward Family (240 gil)
A: Tasty Tidbit, B: Antique, C: Tableware
Copper Ward: recommended A-B-C
Gryll Buckle: recommended A-C-B
Demon Urn: recommended C-A-B

Silver Ward Family (280 gil)
A: Capsule Toy, B: Tableware, C: Hand Strap
Silver Ward: recommended A-B-C
Mythril Plate: recommended A-C-B
Starry Charm: recommended C-A-B

Gold Ward Family (320 gil)
A: Four-leaf Clover, B: Hand Strap, C: Train Model
Gold Ward: recommended A-B-C
Pyrite Plate: recommended A-C-B
Golden Cat: recommended C-A-B

Platinum Ward Family (360 gil)
A: Hand Strap, B: Holy Relic, C: Buried Treasure
Platinum Ward: recommended A-B-C
Medaille Necklace: recommended A-C-B
Thor's Hammer: recommended C-A-B

Pearl Family (400 gil)
A: Tableware, B: Holy Relic, C: Crown
Pearl: recommended A-B-C
Hope Pearl: recommended A-C-B
Lao Tzu Pearl: recommended C-A-B

Emerald Family (440 gil)
A: Train Model, B: Fine Blade, C: Commemorative Stamp
Emerald: recommended A-B-C
Nero's Spectacles: recommended A-C-B
Mogul Emerald: recommended C-A-B

Ruby Family (480 gil)
A: Fine Blade, B: Crown, C: Spinning Top
Ruby: recommended A-B-C
Black Prince Ruby: recommended A-C-B
Rosser Reeves Ruby: recommended C-A-B

Sapphire Family (520 gil)
A: Crown, B: Ornamental Plant, C: Trading Card
Sapphire: recommended A-B-C
Lapis Lazuli Charm: recommended A-C-B
Blue Giant: recommended C-A-B

Diamond Family (560 gil)
A: Fine Blade, B: License, C: Keepsake
Diamond: recommended A-B-C
Darya-i-Nur: recommended A-C-B
Koh-i-Nur: recommended C-A-B

Carbide Plate Family (600 gil)
A: Ornamental Plant, B: Board Game, C: Artwork
Carbide Plate: recommended A-B-C
Orichalcum Plate: recommended A-C-B
Scarletite Plate: recommended C-A-B

White Stone Family (640 gil)
A: Ornamental Plant, B: License, C: Crystal Circuit
White Stone: recommended A-B-C
Philosopher's Stone: recommended A-C-B
Stone of the Fallen: recommended C-A-B

Ankh Family (680 gil)
A: Keepsake, B: Ribbon, C: Forever Fruit
Ankh: recommended A-B-C
Pentalpha Seal: recommended A-C-B
Solomon's Seal: recommended C-A-B

Carbuncle Family (720 gil)
A: Trading Card, B: Crystal Circuit, C: Ribbon
Carbuncle: recommended A-B-C
Myrrh Amber: recommended A-C-B
Pleiades Charm: recommended C-A-B


Glass Earrings Family (52 gil)
A: Nut, B: Bottle Cap, C: Leatherwork
Glass Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Seed Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Chanchitos Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Iron Earrings Family (104 gil)
A: Leatherwork, B: Four-leaf Clover, C: Spice
Iron Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Druid Bell Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Tiki Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Bronze Earrings Family (156 gil)
A: Bottle Cap, B: Spice, C: Prism
Bronze Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Cephalopod Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Fishhook Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Copper Earrings Family (208 gil)
A: Spice, B: Prism, C: Tin Can
Copper Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Ba Gua Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Kokopelli Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Silver Earrings Family (260 gil)
A: Tasty Tidbit, B: Prism, C: Tin Can
Silver Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Mythril Earcuffs: recommended A-C-B
Silver Tumi Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Gold Earrings Family (312 gil)
A: Spice, B: Tin Can, C: Buried Treasure
Gold Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Pyrite Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Gold Tumi Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Platinum Earrings Family (364 gil)
A: Tasty Tidbit, B: Fireworks, C: Commemorative Stamp
Platinum Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Holy Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Vilcabamba Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Pearl Earrings Family (416 gil)
A: Ivory Object, B: Fireworks, C: Tea Leaves
Pearl Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Hope Egg Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Corno Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Emerald Earrings Family (468 gil)
A: Holy Relic, B: Ivory Object, C: Commemorative Stamp
Emerald Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Third Eye Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Royal Sarpech: recommended C-A-B

Ruby Earrings Family (520 gil)
A: Ivory Object, B: Fireworks, C: Artwork
Ruby Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Peperoncino Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Ladybug Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Sapphire Earrings Family (572 gil)
A: Train Model, B: Fireworks, C: Commemorative Stamp
Sapphire Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Lapis Lazuli Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Bluebird Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Diamond Earrings Family (624 gil)
A: Tea Leaves, B: Board Game, C: Artwork
Diamond Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Hamsa Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Hygleia Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Orichalcum Earrings Family (676 gil)
A: Ivory Object, B: Artwork, C: Cosmetics
Orichalcum Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Scorpion Earcuffs: recommended A-C-B
Dorje Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Headphones Family (728 gil)
A: Deadly Poison, B: Tiara, C: Teddy Bear
Headphones: recommended A-B-C
Ribbon: recommended A-C-B
Mantra Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Ankh Earrings Family (780 gil)
A: Cosmetics, B: Traffic Ticket, C: Teddy Bear
Ankh Earrings: recommended A-B-C
Pentalpha Earrings: recommended A-C-B
Solomon's Earrings: recommended C-A-B

Papaopamas Ears Family (832 gil)
A: License, B: Forever Fruit, C: Tiara
Papaopamas Ears: recommended A-B-C
Myrrh Droplet: recommended A-C-B
Pleiades Earrings: recommended C-A-B


Glass Ring Family (64 gil)
A: Cool Specs, B: Yo-yo, C: Four-leaf Clover
Glass Ring: recommended A-B-C
Coral Ring: recommended A-C-B
Glass Thimble: recommended C-A-B

Iron Ring Family (128 gil)
A: Yo-yo, B: Tasty Tidbit, C: Tongue
Iron Ring: recommended A-B-C
Armed Ring: recommended A-C-B
Chain Ring: recommended C-A-B

Bronze Ring Family (192 gil)
A: Tongue, B: Capsule Toy, C: Designer Dart
Bronze Ring: recommended A-B-C
Mellow Ring: recommended A-C-B
Skull Ring: recommended C-A-B

Copper Ring Family (256 gil)
A: Four-leaf Clover, B: Tongue, C: Hand Strap
Copper Ring: recommended A-B-C
Choker Ring: recommended A-C-B
Amber Butterfly: recommended C-A-B

Silver Ring Family (320 gil)
A: Four-leaf Clover, B: Tongue, C: Designer Dart
Silver Ring: recommended A-B-C
Mythril Ring: recommended A-C-B
Aerian Rod: recommended C-A-B

Gold Ring Family (384 gil)
A: Tongue, B: Designer Dart, C: Stuffed Specimen
Gold Ring: recommended A-B-C
Pyrite Ring: recommended A-C-B
Draupnir: recommended C-A-B

Platinum Ring Family (448 gil)
A: Tableware, B: Stuffed Specimen, C: Rainbow Wine
Platinum Ring: recommended A-B-C
Claddagh Ring: recommended A-C-B
Rune Ring: recommended C-A-B

Pearl Ring Family (512 gil)
A: Designer Dart, B: Stuffed Specimen, C: Rainbow Wine
Pearl Ring: recommended A-B-C
Empress Ring: recommended A-C-B
Reindeer Ring: recommended C-A-B

Emerald Ring Family (576 gil)
A: Tea Leaves, B: Rainbow Wine, C: Spinning Top
Emerald Ring: recommended A-B-C
Conqueror Ring: recommended A-C-B
Nibhurrereya: recommended C-A-B

Ruby Ring Family (640 gil)
A: Stuffed Specimen, B: Board Game, C: Replica Gun
Ruby Ring: recommended A-B-C
Scarab Ring: recommended A-C-B
Flame Ring: recommended C-A-B

Sapphire Ring Family (704 gil)
A: Tea Leaves, B: Keepsake, C: Monster Buffet
Sapphire Ring: recommended A-B-C
Lapis Lazuli Ring: recommended A-C-B
Wind Ring: recommended C-A-B

Diamond Ring Family (768 gil)
A: Rainbow Wine, B: Board Game, C: Keepsake
Diamond Ring: recommended A-B-C
Gimel Ring: recommended A-C-B
Water Ring: recommended C-A-B

Orichalcum Ring Family (832 gil)
A: Spinning Top, B: Replica Gun, C: Deadly Poison
Orichalcum Ring: recommended A-B-C
Ouroboros Ring: recommended A-C-B
Muzzle Ring: recommended C-A-B

Gloves Family (896 gil)
A: Board Game, B: Replica Gun, C: Myrrh Seedling
Gloves: recommended A-B-C
Gaunlets: recommended A-C-B
Arhat Rave: recommended C-A-B

Ankh Ring Family (960 gil)
A: Board Game, B: Keepsake, C: Monster Buffet
Ankh Ring: recommended A-B-C
Pentalpha Ring: recommended A-C-B
Solomon's Ring: recommended C-A-B

Force Ring Family (1,024 gil)
A: Dark Matter, B: Death Mask, C: Myrrh Seedling
Force Ring: recommended A-B-C
Myrrh Ring: recommended A-C-B
Pleiades Ring: recommended C-A-B

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