銅魚 [douzakana] or 'copper fish' in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Item Level: 20, Rarity: Grey
Buy: - (sell: 6-7 gil)
Gather: Fishing / Lakes, size ? ilms
Fishing bait: Brass Spoon Lure, Butterworm, Crow Fly, Floating Minnow, Mythril Spoon Lure, Silver Spoon Lure, Spinnerbait, Streamer
Fishing locations: Eastern La Noscea (East Agelyss River lv40, Raincatcher Gully lv40, The Juggernaut lv40), Western Thanalan (Nophica's Wells lv5, Footfalls lv10), Lower La Noscea (Empty Heart lv15), Middle La Noscea (Woad Whisper Canyon lv15), Upper La Noscea (Fool's Falls lv20), South Shroud (East Hathoeva River lv25), East Shroud (Verdant Drop lv25), Southern Thanalan (Burnt Lizard Creek lv25, Forgotten Springs lv35), The Goblet (The Goblet lv30)
Use: leve Sounds Fishy to Me
Desynthesis results: Fine Sand x0-1, Copper Sand x0-1, Clear Demimateria I x0-1
Type: Seafood, Stack: 99, Unique: No, Untradeable: No, Desynthesis: CUL
Description: The copperfish's dull orange scales-a hue rare in freshwater wavekin-make this species popular amongst Ul'dahn nobles who apparently prefer even their fish the color of their coin.
Fishing Log: The copperfish's dull orange scales - a hue rare in freshwater wavekin - make this species popular amongst Ul'dahn nobles, who apparently prefer even their fish the color of their coin. Not native to Eorzea, it is believed the first copperfish were brought to the realm by Far East traders.

Category: Item

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