Components of FFXIII

For a list of weapons, items, and key items, see Items of FFXIII.

Organic Components

Abominable Wing
Abyssal Scale
Ancient Bone
Armored Shell
Barbed Tail
Begrimed Claw
Bestial Claw
Black Mycellium
Blue Mycellium
Chipped Fang
Chocobo Plume
Chocobo Tail Feather
Cie'th Tear
Dawnlight Dew
Diabolic Tail
Dusklight Dew
Enigmatic Fluid
Entrancing Tail
Esoteric Oil
Fiendish Horn
Fluffy Wool
Fractured Horn
Fragrant Oil
Gargantuan Claw
Green Needle
Gummy Oil
Hellish Talon
Ineffable Fluid
Infernal Horn
Iron Shell
Malodorous Fruit
Medicinal Oil
Menacing Wings
Moistened Scale
Molted Tail
Monstrous Fang
Moonblossom Seed
Murky Ooze
Mysterious Fluid
Otherworldly Bone
Red Mycellium
Regenerating Carapace
Rough Wool
Scaled Wing
Scraggly Wool
Seakng's Beard
Seapetal Scale
Segmented Carapace
Severed Wing
Shattered Bone
Sinister Fang
Smooth Hide
Spined Horn
Starblossom Seed
Strange Fluid
Sturdy Bone
Succulent Fruit
Supple Leather
Tear of Frustration
Tear of Remorse
Tear of Woe
Thick Wool
Thickened Hide
Torn Leather
Transparent Ooze
Vibrant Ooze
White Mycellium
Wicked Fang
Wonder Gel

Mechanical Components

Premium Components


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