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Final Fantasy XI


Stats: ATK +20% (max 75) (hq 22%), RATK +20% (max 75) (hq 22%), MP +10 (hq 15), STR +5, AGI +1, INT -2, hHP +1, Resist Sleep, Resist Stun, 30 min (hq 60)
Buy: - (sell: 100 gil (hq 153))
Craft: CUL 93 - Earth Crystal, White Bread, Coeurl Sautee, La Theine Cabbage, Mithran Tomato, Crying Mustard, Selbina Butter
Type: Bread, Stack: 12
Description: A tasty hot sandwich made with succulent coeurl sautee and soft white bread. (Coeurl on bread doesn't get any better than this.)

Category: Item

ff11 bread
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