Clown Loach

クラウンローチ [clown loach] in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Item Level: 36, Rarity: Grey
Buy: - (sell: 10-11 gil)
Gather: Fishing / Lakes, size ? ilms
Fishing bait: Stem Borer, Caddisfly Larva, Glowworm, Honeyworm, Sinking Minnow, Spinnerbait, Streamer
Fishing locations: Central Shroud (Hopeseed Pond lv35), Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs lv35, Zahar'ak lv35), Eastern La Noscea (Red Mantis Falls lv45)
Use: -
Desynthesis results: Fine Sand x0-1, Red Pigment, Water Shard x1-2, Clear Demimateria II x0-1
Type: Seafood, Stack: 99, Unique: No, Untradeable: No, Desynthesis: CUL
Description: Bright patterns, similar to a clown's motley, cover this small freshwater fish from head to tail.

Category: Item

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