Chamomile Tea

Final Fantasy XI


Stats: MP +8, CHR +2, VIT -2, hMP +1, 3 hours (hq 4)
Buy: - (sell: 94 gil)
Craft: CUL 83 - Fire Crystal, Chamomile x2, Maple Sugar, Distilled Water, Honey
Type: Drinks, Stack: 1
Description: This tea is made with chamomile and honey.
Other: HQ is Healing Tea

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: MP +8% (max 80), MCraft +16% (max 10), 30 min
Buy: - (sell: 64 gil)
Craft: CUL 24 x4 - Fire Shard x2, Water Shard, Chamomile, Honey, Mineral Water
Type: Drink, Stack: 99
Description: A delicately fragranced infusion brewed from tiny, yellow chamomile flowers.

Category: Item

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