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Chai (or 'tsai', 'shay', etc. In all cases pronounced with an 'ah-ee' end) is the word for tea in several European languages, most notably Russian and Arabic. Judging by the picture the chai in FF11 is a form of Turkish black tea.

Final Fantasy XI


Stats: CHR +2 (hq +3), VIT -2 (hq -3), 3 hours (hq 4)
Use: Operation Teatime
Buy: 68 gil (sell: 17 gil)
Shop: Fayeewah (Whitegate K-12)
Craft: CUL 57 - Fire Crystal, Imperial Tea Leaves, Maple Sugar, Distilled Water
Type: Drinks, Stack: 1
Description: A black tea popular in Aht Urhgan. (A rich aroma wafts from this
cup of chai.)

Category: Item

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