Cedarwood Stick
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スギの杖 [sugi no tsue] or 'cedar branch' in Japanese.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 3,375 gil (sell: 1,687 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 8 onward with over 500 materials obtained
Use: Elfin Bow, Pyrolance, Pyroscepter, Rigel, Rime Wand
Obtain: mission 5-2 (reward 75% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 22%), Tomaj's Camp Monster Melee (harvest 22%), That Left Behind (harvest 22%), Heaven's Vigil Summoning Melee (harvest 22%), Illusion's Home Monster Melee (reward 75% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 22%)
Description: Cheap cedar stick commonly used in furniture and homewares
Other: mid-grade Smooth Wood

Category: Item

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