Buche au Chocolat
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This item is also known as Starlight Log.

Final Fantasy XI


Stats: HP +8, MP +3% (max 13), INT +2, hMP +4, 3 hours, group effect
Buy: - (sell: 539-574 gil)
Obtain: Starlight Celebration 2006-2009
Craft: CUL 78/CRP 3 (Patissier) - Fire Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Bubble Chocolate, Kukuru Bean, Selbina Milk, Selbina Butter, Bird Egg, Maple Sugar, Bay Leaves
Type: Sweets, Stack: 1
Description: A San d'Orian cake made for the Starlight Celebration. Symbolizes thankfulness to the forest for firewood to keep homes warm.
Other: HQ is Sylvan Excursion

Category: Item

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