Bronze Rivets
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Bronze Alembic, Bronze Barbut, Bronze Chaser Hammer, Bronze Mitt Gauntlets, Bronze Pliers, Bronze Raising Hammer, Bronze Saw, Dodoskin Caligae, Dodoskin Pot Helm, Maple Spinning Wheel, Plumed Bronze Pickaxe, Round Shield, Sheepskin Targe, Square Maple Shield, Vintage Hoplon, Vintage Square Shield
Buy: 600 gil (sell: 44 gil)
Shop: Ahldiyrn (Gridania), Smydhaemr (Limsa Lominsa), Doesdornn (Ul'dah)
Craft: ARM 5 x3 - Wind Shard, Bronze Ingot
BSM 6 x3 - Fire Shard, Bronze Ingot
Type: Metal, Stack: 99
Description: Short bronze pins with large heads. Used in connecting metal plates.

Category: Item

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