Bronze Ingot

ブロンズインゴット [bronze ingot] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Buy: 1,500 gil (sell: 110 gil)
Shop: Ahldiyrn (Gridania), Smydhaemr (Limsa Lominsa), Doesdornn (Ul'dah)
Craft: ARM/BSM 3 - Fire Shard, Copper Ore x2, Tin Ore
ARM/BSM 3 x3 - Fire Shard x3, Copper Ore x6, Tin Ore x2
Use: Birdsbeak Hammer, Brass Cudgel, Bronze Arrow, Bronze Awl, Bronze Buckler, Bronze Chaser Hammer, Bronze Claw Hammer, Bronze Cross-pein Hammer, Bronze Culinary Knife, Bronze Dagger, Bronze Doming Hammer, Bronze File, Bronze Gig, Bronze Gladius, Bronze Hatchet, Bronze Head Knife, Bronze Knuckles, Bronze Labrys, Bronze Mortar, Bronze Pickaxe, Bronze Plate, Bronze Pliers, Bronze Raising Hammer, Bronze Rings, Bronze Rivets, Bronze Saw, Bronze Scythe, Bronze Skillet, Bronze Sledgehammer, Bronze Spatha, Bronze Spear, Bronze War Axe, Cloud Axe, Cotton Kecks, Crow Fly, Dodoskin Cesti, Dodoskin Harness, Maple Fishing Rod, Merchant's Purse, Mythril-plated Caligae, Ragstone Grinding Wheel, Round Shield, Sheepskin Himantes, Spoon Lure
Type: Unrefined Metal, Stack: 99
Description: An ingot of smelted bronze.



Buy: - (sell: 500 gil)
Obtain: event quests San d'Oria Mission, Bastok Mission and Windurst Mission
Use: required for EX Alchemy to create San d'Orian Ring, Bastokan Ring, Windurstian Ring and their +1 to +10 versions
Type: Alchemy Material, Rarity: ★★★
Description: Material for EX Fusion and EX Alchemy synthesization
Other: gives 300 exp when used in level-up alchemy

Category: Item

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