Body Ceffyl

力のセフィル [chikara no sephira] or 'sephira of strength' in Japanese. A sephira (plural form is 'sephiroth') is one of the ten attributes (ten sephiroth) surrounding the infinite in the Kabbalah. They are represented as spheres on the Tree of Life.
Ceffyl is Welsh and means 'horse'.

Tactics Advance

Effect: greatly enhances attack and defence
Obtain: Body Ceffyl
Other: a mission item

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 1,800 gil)
Use: Adamant Blade, Crown Scepter, Force Rod, Gokuu Pole, Gupti Aga, Kotetsu, Ragnarok, Fortune Ring, Ruby Earring
Reward: The Nu Mou Nobles x3 (once), The Show's Not Over... x2 (once), Babanga! x4 (once)
Type: Magicite, Rank: ★★
Description: This crystal is suffused with raw power. Said to fulfill the wishes of its owner.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: 200 gil)
Use: Ashura
Obtain: Duchy of Yug Nard/Baknamy Fortress lv30+
Description: An uncommon piece of magicite

Category: Item

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