Boar Leather
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Alchemist's Monocle, Armorer's Visor, Boarskin Belt, Boarskin Choker, Boarskin Crakows, Boarskin Culottes, Boarskin Harness, Boarskin Himantes, Boarskin Jerkin, Boarskin Moccasins, Boarskin Pot Helm, Boarskin Ringbands, Boarskin Satchel Belt, Boarskin Skirt, Boarskin Smithy's Gloves, Boarskin Subligar, Boarskin Survival Belt, Boarskin Thighboots, Boarskin Tool Belt, Boarskin Workboots, Boarskin Wristbands, Champion's Lance, Cobalt Chain Coif, Cobalt Dolabra, Cobalt Gauntlets, Cobalt Halberd, Cobalt Haubergeon, Cobalt Katzbalger, Cobalt Knuckles, Cobalt Mesail, Cobalt Plate Belt, Cobalt Sabatons, Cobalt Sollerets, Cobalt Vambraces, Eagle-crested Round Shield, Electrum Choker, Electrum Gorget, Felt Bliaud, Felt Bracers, Felt Gaskins, Felt Halfgloves, Felt Robe, Felt Work Gloves, Fingerless Boarskin Gloves, Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves, Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves, Horn Scale Mail, Horned Hatchet, Hunting Moccasins, Lightning Brand, Linen Doublet, Linen Slops, Mahogany Pattens, Militia Helm, Mythril Elmo, Mythril File, Mythril Head Knife, Mythril Lance, Mythril Vambraces, Mythril-plated Jackboots, Oak Pattens, Peisteskin Harness, Peisteskin Hunting Belt, Rainmaker's Hat, Rainmaker's Tunic, Ranger's Hat, Raptorskin Harness, Raptorskin Jerkin, Raptorskin Survival Belt, Raptorskin Thighboots, Spiked Mythril Labrys, Steel Mitt Gauntlets, Steel Vambraces, Steel-plated Caligae, Tortoiseshell Scale Mail, Vintage Chef's Belt, Vintage Robe, Vintage Shepherd's Belt, Woolen Bracers, Woolen Halfgloves, Woolen Robe, Woolen Trousers, Wrapped Hawksbeak Hammer
Buy: - (sell: 248 gil)
Craft: LTW 32 - Earth Shard x3, Boar Hide, Alumen
LTW 32 x3 - Earth Shard x9, Boar Hide x3, Alumen
Type: Leather, Stack: 99
Description: A large piece of cured boar hide.

Category: Item

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