Black Curry
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Final Fantasy XI


Stats: DEX +2, VIT +4, INT +1, hHP +2, hMP +1, DEF +15%, ACC +5, RACC +5, EVA +5, Resist Sleep, 3 hours
Use: Black Curry Bun
Use: turn in for 730 guild points, for a total of 4,640 points
Use: Tuning Out
Buy: - (sell: 748 gil)
Craft: CUL 94 - Fire Crystal, Curry Powder, Nebimonite OR Ahtapot, Gugru Tuna OR Lakerda, Woozyshroom, Eggplant, Black Pepper, Distilled Water
Type: Soups, Stack: 1
Description: A delicious curry with tuna.

Category: Item

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