Bittersweet Chiffon
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: solve the anomaly at Oerba (400 AF)
Description: Mog has been alone ever since he can remember. One day, a chocobo chick fell into the Void Beyond and asked him a question. 'Say, are you a Mog who's a moogle? Or are you a moogle who's also a Mog?' Mog replied, 'I'm a moogle, of course, and my name is Mog! And what a strange question from a chocobo chick with no name!' When she heard that, the chocobo chick fluttered her wings angrily, and said, 'I DO have a name, I do!' It was an encounter that stayed with Mog for a long time. Even now, he sometimes thinks back to that day, and wonders what happened to that little chocobo chick…

Category: Item

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