Beloved Cinnamon
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: solve the anomaly at Oerba (400 AF)
Description: You know how Mog can turn himself into a weapon? Well, one day, in the Void Beyond, he met a monster much like himself. It was a flying weapon called a Centaurion Blade. It told Mog that these days, it wasn't fighting many battles. 'Are you a summoned weapon, Mog? Can you turn into a sword?' Mog replied, 'Of course I can, kupo!' And just like that, he turned himself into a handsome sword. Now, when Mog is a weapon, he can't move on his own. If he did, he'd just get in the way of whoever was trying to use him. When he explained this, the Centaurion Blade shook his pommel sadly. 'You are not one of my kind,' he said, and then disappeared. 'What a rude sword, kupo!' said Mog, and he stayed cross for a long time after.

Category: Item

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