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Belladonna in the real world is also known as deadly nightshade, atropa belladonna. It's native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. The foliage and berries contain toxins such as scopolaminae and hyosciamine which induce hallucinations in anyone who ingests it. One leaf of belladonna is enough to kill an adult, while 2-5 berries is enough to kill children and 10-20 adults. Properly prepared belladonna can also be a medicinal plant, for example its use in the Middle Ages as an anesthetic in surgeries. It was also used as a cosmetic enhancement in Italy, with low dosage enough to cause a dilation of pupils which was considered attractive at that time.

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Dawn Drops, Sleeping Potion
Buy: 2,995 gil (sell: 179 gil)
Shop: Roderic (Gridania)
Gather: logging (hotspot -2, chop angle 1) Drybone, harvesting Skull Valley
Type: Spice, Stack: 99
Description: A beautiful flower common in Aldenard from which a potent sleeping poison can be extracted.

Category: Item

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