Beast Meat

戦獣の肉 [senjuu no niku] or 'warbeast's meat' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: 200 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Grandshelt City material shop, Port Rohdin material shop, Granport material shop, Marlo Village material shop
Drops In: Earth Temple, Latius Forest, Darnakia Caves, Siren's Tower, Darnakia Plains, Granshelut Waterways, Castle Granshelut, Fran Highroad, Flamewind Cave, Dilapitated Highroad, Demon Woods, Lanzelut Estuary, Zadelle Desert (West, South), Lanzelut Mountains (Foothills, Upper), Lanzelut Snowfields, Snow Wolf's Fang, Lanzelut Ruins, Corobos Wetlands, Gorzas Summit, Gorzas Ravine, Gorzas Cliffs, Corobos Reef, Miasma Boulder Cave, Decayed Temple
Use: Awaken Rain, Lasswell, Amarant, Artemius, Bartz, Cecil, Firion, Freya, Garland, Hayate, Lani, Locke, Miyuki, Shadow, Xiao, Vaan, Zidane, Baurg, Clyne, Cyan, Eldinn, Galuf, Gimly, Kain, Kenyu, King Giott, Luna, Montana, Ollie, Paul, Raither, Russel, Sabin, Skaha, Shiki
Type: Material, Number: 051
Description: The meat of a ferocious warbeast
Profile: Meat of a beast that lives in the wilds and hunts for its food with its own fangs and claws. Since warbeasts have supple coiled muscles, their meat is stringy and lacking in softness. However, since it's passed down that eating the meat gives you power, it's eaten among warriors looking for strength. To begin with, since obtaining the meat requires battling ferocious beasts, it passes for training as well.

Category: Item

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