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Final Fantasy XI


Stats: MP +8 (hq MP +10), VIT -2, AGI +1, RACC +7% (max 15 (hq 20)), 30 min (hq 60 min)
Use: turn in for 128 (184) guild points, for a total of 2,800 points
Use: Materiel Storm IV
Buy: - (sell: 119 gil)
Craft: CUL 58 - Fire Crystal, Pie Dough, Batagreen Sautee, Danceshroom, Stone Cheese, Bird Egg, Selbina Milk, Black Pepper, Rock Salt
Type: Vegetables, Stack: 12
Description: A nutritious quiche made with fresh batagreens. (The flaky crust of this heavenly quiche will make a grown Galka cry.)

Category: Item

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